Donald Duck Weekly has been the biggest magazine in the Netherlands among kids, families and males for over 68 years


Staying relevant for a digitizing target group (7-12y/o kids), without losing sight of the printed content. And enriching the concept of ‘Enjoying Donald Duck’ (the recognizability of a me-time moment and being absorbed into its jolly world) and translate it to a digital platform


We launched an interactive voice experience on Google Assistant in the Netherlands, claiming a sweet spot within kids. To improve the overall experience and preserve the magic, we used typical Donald Duck language every (former) fan is familiar with. We also used typical Donald Duck music and sounds to improve the overall experience. We even had the voice-over of the Google Action recorded by an existing Disney character: Kris Kwis. To make sure the execution was a perfect fit with the target audience, we asked our testpanel ‘DuckDenkers’ (over 1700 readers who regularly think along about the magazine) to provide feedback. Continuous analyses and optimizations brought down the ‘not handled’ percentage by 44%

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