Every autumn break, ING and OERRR (youth department of Natuurmonumenten) organize the event ING Wilde Buiten Dagen, during which thousands of kids explore nature together. But how do you do this in times of COVID-19?


ING & OERRR want to make nature even more accessible for all kids in the Netherlands. This not only has a positive impact on their physical and mental development, but also increases their (future) involvement in the protection of our nature. As a physical event was off limits, we looked into digital alternatives to realize these goals. We found that screens are often seen as the biggest ‘enemies’ of playing outside and experiencing nature. We took up the challenge to make nature more accessible through a digital experience.


We developed a fun WhatsApp experience, the ‘ING Boswachterchallenge’, focusing on the endangered hedgehog. Through an interactive story within a chatbot, kids could join Forester Ruben on his quest to bring Mother Hedgehog home safely before winter started. The challenge consisted of five story based chapters and several riddles and missions that had to be completed within the nature around their house, such as parks, gardens or even woods. Did you manage to save Mother Hedgehog? Then you became a true forester, with your own physical Forester Badge that was sent to your home.

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