Discovering damage is not a pleasant event for any person. You have to submit a claim, wait for a response and you are forced to share all the details over and over again. A phone call, an email or a quick message through Whatsapp, there are several options to get in touch with Interpolis but they all want to hear the details first. This is an inefficient and time-consuming matter for both, client and Interpolis.


Interpolis wants to simplify the process of claiming damages for the client. This will reduce the work-load for their help desk and increase the customers convenience.  The challenge for Interpolis is to create a full service solution to improve the assistance for their clients through multiple platforms preventing them from replying information over and over again.


We developed a multimodal experience for Interpolis. This makes it easy to communicate with the customer without asking the same questions twice. Not only will the customer feel the ease of claiming a damage, the help desk of Interpolis does not have to repeatedly dive into a claim before being able to help the client in the best way. This is what we call a win-win situation for both Interpolis and clients.