Kärcher offers so many unique products, all with different technical innovations and created to clean specific objects. In a physical shop the consumer will receive a lot of information to simplify the decision making process. How to make sure consumers get the best possible online product advice that perfectly fits their needs and wishes? Making consumers feel as if they were talking to that wonderfully knowledgeable and likable salesperson in a brick & mortar store.


When there are so many products and options to choose from on the webpage, consumers are experiencing choice paralysis. By using all kinds of filter options such as pressure level, surface amount, and field of application, the consumer still doesn’t get the specified advice they expect. Kärcher wanted consumers to find the perfect pressure washers or hard floor cleaners the easiest possible way.


To get to know how the decision making works, we did research on the optimal flow. With this approach we decided to highlight the benefits of accessories such as bluetooth/app support to create an upsell on the basket and automatically higher the average purchase. Not only questions with pre-filled answers are allowed in the chat, also the AI trained chat-bot will answer all open questions of the consumer. This makes the chat-bot more human-like which increases the trust of the consumer, especially because of the 24/7/365 availability of the application. All fitted with the tone of voice of Kärcher.

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Quote from our client

“In order to make our product-driven website more solution-oriented, we worked together with Greenhouse Conversational to create the Shopping Assistant. Throughout the process, communication went well and they worked efficiently, always providing us with the right input. This enabled us to react quickly and ensured a timely launch. Even after the Go-live, the team continuously worked on further optimizations. From looking at the strong usage numbers, it’s evident that there is a need for this kind of advisory tools.”

– Kenneth Wagtmans, Product & Marketing Specialist Retail Kärcher –