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We focus on conversational use cases that have the largest impact on your business: brand experiences, shopping assistance and service assistance.

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Conversational solutions with impact

While the opportunities that conversational AI present are endless, years of experience have taught us there are 3 key areas where AI assistants deliver greatest value at this moment in time. As a result we have concentrated our resources in these areas to deliver best-in-class solutions that are future-proof.

Our focus

Brand experiences

Crafting beautiful voice experiences for Google Assistant is where it all started for us. Even before Google Assistant launched in the Netherlands we were experimenting with voice, and we were launching partner of both Google Assistant as well as Google Home. Our creativity and sophisticated design, development and optimization process are recognized with multiple prestigious awards. Today we pride ourselves with being the Dutch market leader in voice and deliver experiences for beautiful brands such as Donald Duck, Google, ING, Red Bull, Unilever (Zwitsal) and TOTO. What makes these experiences stand out is not just the immersive experience they provide, but also their ability to attract vast amounts of users (new and recurring) and keep them engaged for several minutes on average. This has helped improve brand salience and enabled brands to become a part of the daily routine of their consumers, e.g. using bedtime stories or toothbrush adventures.

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Shopping assistance

Being part of the largest Dutch digital marketing agency, we understand what makes ecommerce platforms effective and convert. And if there’s one thing we know, it is that removing friction during the path to purchase helps grow conversion rates and bottom-line revenue. When it comes to creating a frictionless shopping experience, providing effective assistance makes all the difference. Just like we’re used to when shopping offline, we want to be able to ask questions and get personal advice when choosing between a multitude of complex products. Find out how we help brands such as Nespresso, Kärcher and Opel improve the digital shopping experience and increase revenue using intelligent on-site virtual assistants, powered by the world-leading AI of Google Cloud / Dialogflow CX. And learn more about the valuable consumer insights they uncover in our bespoke performance and insights dashboard.

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Service assistance

In today’s world, most products can be bought without human interaction using onsite checkout. However, resolving post-purchase queries often requires human contact, representing high costs for businesses and driving frustration amongst consumers while they often have to wait for a solution. That is why AI assistants are being adopted rapidly in this area – the potential to significantly reduce costs and improve customer experience are obvious. Learn how we help large enterprises such as Achmea and Proximus build the service experience of the future by employing AI that truly understands intent, learns and improves over time. Our solutions are built to be deployed to multiple channels so that users get 24/7 instant human-like support via phone, WhatsApp and website. And when the AI assistant is not able to provide a solution, it provides a warm handover to the best available human agent, or schedules a call-back appointment.

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Our approach

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