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Engage in a two-way conversation with your audience to increase brand salience

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Battle for attention and loyalty

Within the actual media landscape getting a customer’s attention is harder than before. And even if you get their attention, it’s almost impossible to keep them attracted. Time to make a change by creating brand experiences that cannot be ignored and keep your audience engaged!

Why brand experiences?

Be where your audience is
Be where your audience is

Consumers spend an increasing amount of time on conversational interfaces such as messaging apps and virtual (voice) assistants, and brands are just discovering how to engage in an effective manner with their audience on these new platforms. Joining this selected group of innovation leaders means you not only stand out from the crowd. You also increase your visibility by being present in these popularly used interfaces.

Provide meaningful experiences
Provide meaningful experiences

Voice assistants are already widely and frequently used in the car, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. This provides a unique opportunity to become part of the daily routine of your audience by enriching those moments; whether it’s by providing a bedtime story, toothbrush entertainment or workouts.

Enhance brand salience
Enhance brand salience

Audio has a unique ability to play to our emotions and leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, conversations force brands to engage in a two-way conversation and think about what they want to ask and offer their audience in exchange for their valuable time. When conversational brand experiences are effective, interactions with your brand easily last several minutes on average – having a noticeable impact on your brand salience.


Understanding what your audience values

At the very start we spend considerable time understanding consumer intent by leveraging a broad set of data we have at our unique disposal. This, together with a use case selection framework, informs our creative process and ensures we tap into existing demand, deliver value to your audience and optimize discoverability.

Creativity and experimentation

Our sophisticated design & development process includes getting users involved in an early stage to put our creative concepts to the test, and iteratively test and improve the conversational structure and overall experience. That helps deliver an optimal experience even before the brand experience is launched and exposed to thousands of users.

Data-driven optimization

Many opportunities to further improve the conversational experience only expose themselves after large numbers of users start to interact. Our bespoke performance and insights dashboard enables us to identify those opportunities and take action. In return, recurring users grow and organic discoverability improves.

Did you know?

More than 54% of the dutch households are well-known with voice services on smartphones and 29% actually using voice on their smartphones.

50% of the Smart Speaker holders are using their speaker regularly for voice related applications. The usage of a Smart Speaker is increasing with almost 4% each year.

The Google home is the most popular Smart Speaker in the Netherlands.

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