Conversational consultancy

Strengthening and augmenting your in-house conversational capabilities for delivering an optimal customer experience

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Accelerate your team

The development of a virtual assistant is often met with high expectations, leading to high pressure on the conversational team. The complex process can be difficult to speed up and the relatively young field of conversational AI makes it a challenge to find people with the right skillset and experience. Even the more seasoned conversational teams can tremendously benefit from an external view from experts that have been involved in and solved challenges for some of the most complex conversational AI implementations that currently exist. We support novice and experienced conversational teams in every stage; from strategy to creation and continuous optimization, to help you deliver a future-proof virtual assistant.

Why conversational consultancy?

Faster time-to-market
Faster time-to-market

Bringing a digital assistant to your contact center can be a time-consuming endeavour. To help you achieve your ambitious timelines, we extend your team with our experts. Our expertise ranges from conversation design and AI training to copy writing, NLP implementation and optimization based on thorough data analysis.

Together we create best-in-class digital assistants with a future-proof design within your time frame. This leads to faster reduction of the pressure on your customer service center.

Better collaboration
Better collaboration

An important part of our work is focused on deepening the knowledge of your in-house team and making them work together more effectively. We do so by implementing more effective workflows and creating guidelines to empower successful collaboration of larger teams working on a single digital assistant.

Furthermore, we organize hands-on workshops to create a better understanding of design principles and provide coaching to develop their skills. This way your team will start working better together as one, and will deliver higher quality output, requiring less effort.

Superior experience
Superior experience

Our conversation designers have worked on complex digital assistants for different big enterprises. This experience taught us how to build with the future in mind. We make sure the digital assistant fits your ambition and aligns with your strategy and vision. Our multidisciplinary team further focuses on optimization to create a best-in-class digital assistant.

We also advise on implementation and integration of the conversational AI platform and tech stack with our expertise in Google Dialogflow CX and Customer Contact AI, among others.


Determining the needs

Together with your team we set the goals of the project. We outline what you require based on your current needs and the hurdles you face, leading to a clear scope of work.

Coaching your team

We plan workshops to learn more about your brand and how the digital assistant fits your ambitions. Next, we give hands-on training sessions and coach your team members, teaching best practices and sharing guidelines.

Extending your team

Depending on the scope and your in-house expertise we support with designing, copywriting and implementation of your digital assistant. We also help with AI-training, data-pipeline and performance dashboards.

Did you know?

The average age of a digital assistant before it is terminated is just 1.5 years. This shows the importance of a future-proof approach with a stable tech stack and a scalable way-of-working. Our experts help you reach your goals, now and in time to come.

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