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Omnichannel AI assistants that serve your customer and your brand

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Deliver a superior CX cost efficiently

Human and virtual agents work best when they work together. An effective solution combining your human agents with an AI assistant does not only help increase efficiency, it also helps deliver a superior customer service experience by maximizing availability at any time of the day and week and minimizing wait times.

Create helpful websites

The first place customers look to get a service question resolved is your website. In fact, 90% of customers always check a website before contacting a company. Unfortunately most websites do not succeed in getting customers to service themselves, even if it’s technically possible to do so. Often because they do not provide personal assistance and require too much effort in finding a solution to your service query. The result: many end up contacting you, resulting in dissatisfied customers and high service costs.

Prevent frustrating calls

Phone is the most expensive service channel and a common cause of frustration among customers due to long average wait time, inconsistent service representatives and annoying IVRs. Despite those annoyances, for many it still is the preferred way of contacting a company. More than half of people aged between 35-55 prefer to call and up to 90% of people older than 55 do so. A large share of those calls consist of recurring non-complex questions that do not require human assistance.

Collect actionable insights

When it comes to understanding why customers call, most companies rely on manual logging of the conversations by their agents. Besides increasing an agent’s total time per call, the logged data typically is unreliable and inconsistent. The broad classification of a contact reason or call topic does not expose true call drivers, nor does it capture a caller’s sentiment and emotion, and how an agent dealt with it. When you lack the necessary insights to identify root-causes of contact drivers, you miss an important opportunity to listen to your customers and improve your operations (i.e. improving CX and reducing costs).

Why service assistance?

Instant personal assistance improves CX
Instant personal assistance improves CX

Create helpful websites with a superior CX, by providing instant and 24/7 assistance consistently across channels, and leveraging full user context to provide efficient personal support.

Automation helps reduce costs
Automation helps reduce costs

Offloading a significant share of customer contact to AI assistants and handing over only the more complex conversations to your human agents enables tremendous efficiencies.

Prevention of unnecessary contact helps improve CX and reduce costs
Prevention of unnecessary contact helps improve CX and reduce costs

Gain deep and valuable insights to help prevent service questions from arising in the first place. Our bespoke performance and insights dashboard helps eliminate contact drivers.


Answer 80% of your customers’ questions with 0% of your human agents

Our virtual assistant uses world leading AI and is developed centrally and deployed omnichannel, to provide a consistent experience and assist in the channel each customer prefers. The AI assistant answers frequently asked questions instantly and 24/7, and automatically handles common journeys (e.g. sharing order status or planning an appointment via phone).

Let your human agents make the difference when it gets difficult

When the virtual agent cannot help, seamlessly route your customer to the right agent by integrating with your contact center platform. By passing on the full context of the conversation we make sure the customer doesn’t have to explain the same question twice. If no human agents are available a call-back appointment can be planned.

Did you know?

A phone call costs on average between 10-15 euros, when you factor in all costs.

Of all questions, at least 30% consists of recurring and repetitive questions that can be easily automated.

Most customers don’t mind to be talking to a virtual agent, so long as it helps them save time.


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