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Providing frictionless shopping experiences to improve conversation rates and grow revenue

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Make online purchases effortless

Remember the last time you went to a brick-and-mortar store to buy a product you did not know much about? Could be a new washing machine, a car, laptop or a mattress. Big chance you’ve asked an assistant for help and the personal advice helped you make a purchase decision. Unfortunately, online shopping experiences aren’t always quite that convenient and lack the personal assistance consumers desire. The result: effort causes friction, which leads to lost customers and decisions based on price, therefore causing lost revenue. By unleashing the power of AI, ecommerce platforms now have the opportunity to create an effortless shopping experience by answering product questions and providing personal advice.

Scattered information

During the purchase journey of a complex product or service, consumers tend to conduct research and actively seek information to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, that information is often scattered across different pages and websites. The result: consumers visit other websites that do a better job of structuring that information, and you miss an opportunity to put emphasis on your value-adds. Furthermore, you’re not getting any smarter as to how your consumers conduct their research and what they value most.



Product centricity

Ecommerce pages typically allow you to filter products by selecting specs and features, whereas customers are trying to find the right solution based on their personal needs and preferences. On top of that, product descriptions often contain jargon and feature names that puzzle the average customer. This all makes it very hard to compare products and filter out irrelevant options. Providing personal advice requires understanding those needs, which is nearly impossible without asking any questions.

No instant assistance

In order to provide online personal assistance, an increasing number of companies offer live chat and a dedicated phone number. While this is undoubtedly a huge step forward, solutions that rely 100% on human agents cannot provide instant assistance at scale, 24/7, in a cost efficient manner. And when a consumer is considering buying a new product or service, instant personal assistance can make the difference between converting or losing them.

Why shopping assistance?

Increase consideration
Increase consideration

Be there when questions arise during the purchase process, and instantly provide a relevant and consistent answer. This also offers a great opportunity to remove any fears or barriers that keep customers from converting. Furthermore, it helps gain unique insights regarding what type of information consumers seek in order to be comfortable enough to buy your products and services – and tells you what information to emphasize on your website.

Give personal advice
Give personal advice

Most consumers have a clear goal: find and procure the solution more relevant considering their unique needs and problems. That means that, rather than making them browse through your entire offering in search for that solution, your online shopping experience can become 100% more effective by providing personal advice. A selection of pointed questions help understand personal needs and goals and suggest the best solution accordingly.

Instantly available, 24/7/365
Instantly available, 24/7/365

Consumers buy products and services on your website around the clock. So they also require assistance at any time of the day and year, without having to wait for an available human agent. Seasonality often puts availability under even greater pressure, calling for a scalable solution. AI conversations are automated and scalable by nature – always offering instant assistance, even during Black Friday.


We bring unlimited shopping assistance to your website

The AI assistant handles all frequently asked questions and enables you to recommend the right product based on Q&As about the problem a customer faces. You could actually say that the AI assistant is a product expert and product advisor in one.

Performance & insights dashboard

Our dashboard gives you an overall overview of the results. You get a funnel overview where consumers drop-off,  the match between consumer needs & product choices, and an overview of questions asked . So you can start optimizing to a frictionless experience.


Data-driven optimization

Our AI trainers and CXO experts run statistically robust A/B tests to identify which psychological concepts improve conversion rates. The overview of asked questions is leveraged to train the conversation to increase the answer rate. As a result you can offer a frictionless experience to your customers.


Did you know?

T-mobile improved their overall online conversion rate by 6%, just by providing personal advice on what internet speed (Mbits) when selecting a package

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