Our core services

Our approach to delivering AI assistants with impact, from development to continuous optimization.

Unique way of working

Conversation Design & Development

Developing successful AI assistants all starts with researching the use case to meet the needs of your customers. We investigate ways to solve the problem with conversational AI to form the basis of our flow design. Our experience and expertise help us outline effective branching paths to help your customers in the best way. Next, we create a measurement plan including the primary goal(s), KPIs, expectations and specifications on how to track these KPIs. This way we can later validate the expected impact.

Conversational copywriting

Once flow designs are approved it’s time for our conversational copywriters to create copy that works and is consistent with your brand. For this reason, we organize sessions in which we discuss brand and user personas. Next, we create an idiolect. This is the language the virtual assistant will use, fitting with the way your company communicates with their customers. This makes it possible for users to connect with the virtual assistant. It lowers the threshold to start a conversation and makes the chat feel more comfortable, leading to a bigger impact of the introduction of the virtual assistant.

NLP implementation & integration

With the bot developed, we start implementation of the virtual assistant. The flows and copy are added to the platform of your choice, such as web integration, voice assistance via phone or WhatsApp. Next our engineers make sure the AI assistant is integrated within your tech infrastructure. We can connect to your CRM to provide personal answers for users based on their customer data, or to your contact center platform to establish a warm human handover. Lastly, through extensive end-to-end testing we make sure we deliver an outstanding experience upon launch.

AI optimization

After launching our work is not done. We make sure that data from the virtual assistant is tracked and KPI’s are measured. Using bespoke performance & insights dashboard, we continuously analyze and improve the performance of the AI assistant. This optimization process involves training the AI (to enhance NLP accuracy), adding unhandled questions, and running A/B tests on variations of copy, design elements or flows to optimize the completion rate. This leads to a higher customer satisfaction, higher retention rate and further reduction in service questions.